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I already paid for a Pro Website Builder plan, but I want to upgrade. How does that work?

If you have purchased a Pro Website Builder plan from us, you can absolutely upgrade to our Business plan or to our Pro annual plan at any time (if you're on the monthly Pro plan). What we do is pro-rate the cost. Here's what that means depending on your upgrade choice:

  • Pro Monthly to Pro Annual: Our Pro monthly plan is $5/month and it expires every month. So, if you want to upgrade from Pro monthly to Pro annual, we take into account the number of days you are into your month and pro-rate what you've already paid for that month towards your purchase of Pro annual. Then, we adjust the expiration date by one year based on the current expiration date. For example, if your expiration date for the monthly plan was 07/15/2017 and you upgrade, it would simply adjust by 1 year to 07/15/2018.
  • Pro Monthly to Business Monthly: In this case, since you'll still be on a monthly plan, the expiration date would remain the same. Here we would also pro-rate what you've already paid for the month, which again is $5 for Pro (the business plan is $15/month). So, if you immediately upgraded to Business right after purchasing Pro, you would owe $10 while if you upgraded halfway through the month, you would owe $7.50.
  • Pro Monthly to Business Annual: This upgrade would be very similar to the Pro monthly to Pro annual described above. The main difference is that the pro-rated amount will be higher because our Business plan has a higher price.
  • Pro Annual to Business Annual: If you are on the Pro annual plan, you can only upgrade to the Business annual plan. We do not allow upgrades to the Business monthly plan. In this case, we would pro-rate your plan based on the number of days you are into your plan for the year. Your expiration date would remain the same.
  • Business Monthly to Business Annual: Upgrading from Business monthly to Business annual would be very similar to what was described in the Pro monthly to Pro annual upgrade. Again, the main difference would be the higher price for the Business plan. The expiration date would be adjusted by 1 year.

How do I upgrade my Website Builder plan?

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