What is the renewal and transfer price for a premium Rightside domain?

The renewal and transfer price of a registry premium domain from Rightside depends on the registration price. In many cases, the renewal and transfer price is the same as the domain's registration price. If you want to know what the renwal and transfer price is for a premium domain, you can email us at info@dynadot.com.

Rightside domains include the following extensions*:

*There may be additional domains whose central registry is Rightside as we are often launching new TLDs from Rightside as well as other registries. To see if a certain domain is a Rightside domain, you can check the "Domain Information" table under "Registry" on any individual domain's page (click on the domain you want from our TLD list).

Please note that premium prices are subject to change per the registry. This applies to registration, renewal, and transfer pricing.