How do I order your Advanced Web Hosting?

You may have noticed mention of our Advanced Hosting in certain places on our website. As of 2014, we no longer offer our Advanced Web Hosting product.

If you are already using our Advanced Hosting for your website, your website will not be affected. We simply are no longer offering new Advanced Hosting plans.

We do still offer Email Hosting (formerly known as Basic Hosting), which is for simple, static HTML websites (it does not support cPanel) and VPS Hosting, which offers users the benefit of a dedicated server without the cost. You can also add cPanel and WordPress to VPS Hosting, though it is for more advanced users.

In addition, we now offer an easy-to-use Website Builder. Our website builder is even free to get started! It offers one free page, eight fully customizable templates to choose from, and all the tools you need to create a beautiful website. You can also choose to upgrade for more features, and the Pro or Business upgrade comes with a free domain!