How do I add a web hosting plan to a domain in my Dynadot account?

Dynadot offers two great web hosting options: VPS Hosting and Email Hosting. We also make it easy since you'll be able to keep your domain and hosting in the same place!

There are two ways to add a web hosting plan to a domain in your Dynadot account:

  1. On our web hosting pages: Get started by visiting our VPS Hosting page or our Email Hosting page. Then, click "Get Started" and enter the domain name you want to use with your hosting.
  2. From within your Dynadot account: After you sign in, go to the "Manage" page on our "Domains" drop down. Check the box next to the domain name(s) you wish to add web hosting, then hover over the "Hosting" icon and select the web hosting you'd like to purchase.

#1 in the instructions above assumes you already own the domain name. If you do not already own the domain name, entering it on our web hosting pages will not register it for you, you will need to use our domain search to add it to your cart to purchase with your hosting.