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expron_solutions posted:

I am looking to buy domains from you. You can decide weather you'd like to sell one domain, a handful or a massive portfolio.

Let me know the domains you have for sale & I will let you know how much cash I am willing to pay.

I am mostly interested in .com & .net only. The length of the domains doesn't matter. I would just like for the domains to have clear purpose.

For example: - just an example of domains I am looking for.

No numbers or trademark infringing domains please.

Thanks & I look forward to make you an offer for your domain portfolio.
ReplyQuote4/13/2011 11:48
make offer for these
ReplyQuote4/19/2011 08:49
ReplyQuote4/19/2011 08:57                                                                                                      
ReplyQuote4/19/2011 09:24
I just sent you a message with some domains.
ReplyQuote4/20/2011 14:53
o_delhi_in_3 posted: for sale
ReplyQuote2/26/2021 07:42
gangesh_m posted:
ReplyQuote3/2/2021 01:32
gangesh_m replied gangesh_m :
ReplyQuote3/2/2021 01:33 For Sale, mail me your offer, Thanks
ReplyQuote3/5/2021 14:07

I have 2 domains which you are definately going to love as they are short 5-Letter ,attracting ,easy to remember and spell.

ReplyQuote3/5/2021 23:53
ReplyQuote3/12/2021 23:31 and emergency sale!!!
ReplyQuote3/29/2021 07:15