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Domain name -> Webflow
5/22/2023 18:36

I have an issue with a domain name DNS settings (I tried make default www and without www)
here is my settings on dynadot

but when I open my site I'm redirected nowhere
if I make default without www (as I really want) - dns not resolved
and if I make default : sometimes it doesn't (dns not resolved) work sometimes I see ads 'adsooncar'. Full mess :(

and sometimes I see this on webflow
but it's still down

Any help is much appreciate
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5/22/2023 18:36
Thank you very much for your inquiry.

I’m showing that your DNS Records associated with your domain have been fully propagated.

I have also checked the DNS Records associated with your domain and they match with the ones provided by the hosting company, meaning they have been successfully applied.

Please keep in mind that every time a change is made to the DNS Records it takes up to 48 hours to apply.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via chat or by our support email address: [email protected]

Dynadot Support Team
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