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New API Released
5/18/2007 14:29
We added a simple API to access our domain services. So far, the only command is to search for domains. We will be adding a command to register domains, and a command to delete domains soon.

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5/19/2007 13:03
Once again...

DynaBest !!!

Thanks for all you do !

(where is the key? I don't find the key to access the API, "available in your account control panel")
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5/19/2007 21:47
The key is is the account area. Click on the menu items below:

"Domains->Advanced Settings->API"
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Posted By kate
5/20/2007 14:13
Good start... o:)
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5/20/2007 20:09
Great feature! I hope you add domain registration feature  to this API ASAP, This can increase our sales!
Thank You
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Posted By c-web
5/20/2007 21:52
I love you guys. After like 100 requests for it, it's here.

I hope it's fast and reliable. Once it's up, I'm going to switch back from Moniker to Dynadot as a main registar. :)
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Posted By hekler
5/21/2007 02:21
Once again the people who supply a large hunk of DynaDot's profitable revenue miss out AGAIN

Revenue parkers are VERY profitable for DynaDot. They take a good share of the income, they get free advertising plus referrals, all without paying anything from the parker's site - yet they don't recognise the spending from the program as "legit". I've spent over $700 with DynaDot (and by the end of June it will be over $1200) but they only recognise $250 of it.

We don't get bulk pricing and now we can not use the API as a result.

Poor form and it stops me (and many others)  from moving more domains here.

Remember DynaDot -there is HEAPS more profit in revenue sharing than there is in selling domains. You make a buck or two from a domain sale but can make considerably more from your share of the revenue and the FREE advertising that the domain owner gives you!

To date I've had over $500 worth of revenue credited from all my domains. Your share is around 30% of the base revenue - about $220. That means it would take 110 full priced .com domain sales to match that profitability. This is equivelant to a client spending $880 yet that revenue is a one off, while that advertising revenue is for just 3 months or so.

For all the other good things you do - you become very unstuck because of this policy. Sedo worked out ages ago the money is in revenue sharing not new domain name selling.

It's about time DynaDot reviews this policy.

[This post has been edited by hekler on May 21, 2007 2:43am.]
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5/21/2007 04:19

Please, add this feature ASAP !

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5/21/2007 06:08
yeah Registration feature is needed.  Whats the use of search only ?  Register feature dynadot PLEASE !!

Come on guys lets get Dynadot to get this added ASAP !  We all want it !
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5/21/2007 11:48
I second that, great start, but why give us the sweet shop without the sweets?
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5/21/2007 20:01
Sorry, it takes time and thought to properly add these features. We are working on it.

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on May 21, 2007 8:02pm.]
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