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Forums -> Engineering Corner -> Grace Period Deletion
teamdynadot posted:
We have added a way to request a deletion of your domain in the grace period. The grace period is usually the first 5 days after registration.

You can get an account credit for the cost of the domain, which you can use to register another domain.

If you have any new domains in your account, you will see a new field "Grace (hours)" in the new domain listing. If that field is greater than zero, you can request a deletion for an account credit.

Please allow us 24 hours to process your deletion.
ReplyQuote1/4/2007 10:19

If Dynadot is based in the US, as its whois record indicates, then it may be difficult to get credits transferred between accounts due to the money laundering restrictions in the US.
ReplyQuote3/4/2007 12:21
Is grace period still free?
And is it work for IDN domains?

ReplyQuote5/16/2007 10:17
teamdynadot posted:
Yes, our grace period deletions are still free.  You may use our grace period deletion feature with IDNs.
ReplyQuote5/16/2007 15:03
teamdynadot posted:
Verisign, the COM/NET central registry, does not like repeated registration and grace deletion of the same domain.  Due to this, we have added a restriction to COM/NET grace deletions.  After 5 grace deletions for a given domain, any further registration attempts for that domain will no longer be allowed.

More information can be found on this page:
Grace Deletions
ReplyQuote3/3/2008 12:33
kate posted:
"After 5 grace deletions for a given domain"

5 deletion by the same registrant or all registrants combined ?
ReplyQuote3/5/2008 12:51
Okay and if you switch a domain to another account and it still has grace deletion and you delete on that account do you still get account credit even if u didnt register it it was just switched to you?
ReplyQuote7/20/2008 17:11
teamdynadot posted:

A domain that has been moved into a new Dynadot account can't be grace deleted.  

In that type of situation, if you need to grace delete the domain, you will need to move it back to the original account and then submit a grace deletion request.
ReplyQuote7/21/2008 11:04