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teamdynadot posted:
We have added a way to request a deletion of your domain in the grace period. The grace period is usually the first 5 days after registration.

You can get an account credit for the cost of the domain, which you can use to register another domain.

If you have any new domains in your account, you will see a new field "Grace (hours)" in the new domain listing. If that field is greater than zero, you can request a deletion for an account credit.

Please allow us 24 hours to process your deletion.
ReplyQuote1/4/2007 10:19
This is a coll feature but can this credit be forward to another account ?

I've friends using dynadot and they recommended it to me and i've been here for about a week and i'm a happy customer with 10 domains so far but i thought it would be great if i can exchange prepay credit between me and my friends to make life easier just in case i need to register domain and don't have enough funds so a friend gives me some credit and i register those domains

would be great if done
ReplyQuote1/4/2007 12:26
teamdynadot posted:
Unfortunately, we do not allow account credit to be transferred to other Dynadot accounts at this time.
ReplyQuote1/5/2007 10:50
So please consider my suggestion :)
ReplyQuote1/5/2007 15:49
teamdynadot posted:
Ok, we will add it to our feature request list.
ReplyQuote1/7/2007 00:12
s_k_lodz_pl posted:
does it cost something to use this ?
In other registrars it costs something like .25
ReplyQuote1/16/2007 05:46
teamdynadot posted:
It is free to use at this time.
ReplyQuote1/16/2007 09:31
Hi, are there any domain extensions that are excluded from the grace period deletion?
I'm especially interested in:

Thanks and regards.

[This post has been edited by e_s_london_gb on Feb 16, 2007 6:39am.]
ReplyQuote2/16/2007 06:39
teamdynadot posted:
Only .EU domains are excluded from the grace period deletion feature as they do not have any grace period at all.

[edit] .UK domains have also been excluded from the grace deletion feature.[/edit]

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Mar 2, 2007 2:07pm.]
ReplyQuote2/16/2007 11:18
keep the deletion free - its what keeps many domain speculators at dynadot
ReplyQuote2/16/2007 18:55
teamdynadot posted:
.UK domains are also excluded from the grace period deletion feature as the UK registry only allows very few deletions per month. This includes,, and domain extensions.
ReplyQuote3/2/2007 14:04