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Forums -> Engineering Corner -> Api priority problem System_busy
r_k_gaya_in_1 posted:
Hi my name is rishabh i am literally worry about api and i am also felling sad.

I want to catch domains through api of domain    .in, ., but I always failed. Someone catched before me because I got a message server_busy 😩 .

I am a loyal customer of dynadot and I also want to becoming loyal customer but this things make to force me to quit from dynadot. 😭

Please help me, Actually I tried to catch domain of  .in extension through api but I always failed, because someone also tries to catch my dream domain through dynadot API.

Those person who catched my dream domain that I want, also uses dynadot Api.

Why this(my competitor) person always get opportunity to catch domain. please dynadot team, Give me also this opportunity to catch domain. I know you says expenses more to get better changes to catch but how I spend more you don't give me a single chance to catch domain, Always shows me System busy message.

Please increase my API priority to increases the chances of catching domains.

My account is linked with this email :

[email protected]

Please increase API priority to the next level so that i can snag domain at the time of drop

Thanks you very much
God always bless you.

Your loyal customer
Rishabh Keshri from India
ReplyQuote12/9/2022 02:57