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teamdynadot posted:
Due to complaints from Verisign, we have now added some restrictions to the API:

"For COM/NET domains, you can only check or register the same domain 10 times every 100 seconds. "
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 01:04
namebiz posted:
it is Unfortunately
I have paid for "bulk pricing"

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ReplyQuote8/24/2008 03:05
z_m_c_rmd posted:
Did this change break the API?  We're getting these messages even when sending API commands with long delays.
"error,currently processing another request from this account"
"error,account banned for 10 minutes due to abuse"
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 09:50
mydomains posted:
No, you will see message "over_quota".

But I see, that Snapnames may send to Verisign registry thousands queries without limitations
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 11:31
it is Unfortunately

too slowly! how can VS enom or ? :(
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 15:43
alanchau posted:
10 times per 100 seconds for every user, everyone at Dynadot, or every single registrar?
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 16:54
thedomainer posted:
Time to find a new registrar I guess. Harsh, but that's reality. This sucks.
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 17:26
This is pretty crappy. I think it's time we get the API users to contact Verisign for the fact that Enom, Snap, Namescout, BuyDomains, and all these others sending many more requests. Happy to know I still know other registrars with API
ReplyQuote8/24/2008 20:35
alanchau posted:
Definitely don't forget iTime Marketing.

Domains I've dropped have been registered by them within a couple or few seconds - must be sending requests 24/7.

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ReplyQuote8/25/2008 00:25
858 posted:
yeah this is BS dynadot.  We have spent a lot of money for these API account.

At least ease up a little more, how about 20 checks per 100 seconds?
ReplyQuote8/25/2008 11:07
Yep.  That's lame!
ReplyQuote9/2/2008 01:14