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t_a_harrow_gb posted:
Hi I received this code in my mail but it is not working???

December 1: Prepay $10 and we give you $5**
Use code 1PARTRIDGE before 12/1/12 23:59 PDT
ReplyQuote11/30/2012 23:35
Started working now thanks!
ReplyQuote12/1/2012 00:24
anonymous posted:
4CALLBIRDS not working :( or it will on 4th?
ReplyQuote12/1/2012 07:23
teamdynadot posted:
Yes, it will work on the 4th.  Once code will be active for each day.  Our apologies for the confusion.
ReplyQuote12/3/2012 16:06
azzaman posted:
any for Xmas regs/renewals ?? thanks.
ReplyQuote12/19/2012 08:32