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$5.99 .com?
7/4/2008 09:03
why don't I qualify for the $5.99 .com special? I'm a bulk customer.
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7/8/2008 10:06
The $5.99 .COM  and $4.75 .NET offer only applies to Bulk customers who buy IDN's.  We apologize for any confusion.
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7/9/2008 06:06

.com names seems to be $7.50, but when I wanna buy one it is still $8.99.

Can you explain please?
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7/9/2008 15:37
The $7.50 price for .COM's only applies to IDN's:

What is an Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)?

Internationalized domain names (IDNs) are domain names that either:

  • are written in languages/scripts using Latin letters with diacritics (accents marks such as é or ü) or
  • do not use the Latin alphabet at all

IDNs allow native speakers of non-Latin based scripts to access the Internet in their own language. Since Internet usage is rising around the world and the world is full of many different languages and scripts (Chinese being the most spoken language!), IDNs offer a great way to connect with your target market no matter what they speak!

We support many domain extensions that offer IDNs in a variety of languages. To see a list and search for an IDN domain, visit our IDN page.

Please note that IDNs are represented in punycode, which puts the IDN into the character set A-Z and 0-9, to connect with the domain name system (DNS).

From Help Section: Domains > International Domain Names (IDNs) > What is an Internationalized Domain N...
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