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teamdynadot posted:
The central registry for INFO domains has extended their sale pricing through 2007. Therefore we will also keep the same pricing of $2.99 for the first year of a new INFO domain.
ReplyQuote11/15/2006 11:17
jamal_jo posted:
What about the price at the next year ?
ReplyQuote2/5/2007 06:28
teamdynadot posted:
I'm not quite sure what you mean.  Could you please clarify your question?  Are you referring to registration price of a new INFO domain on the second year (if the domain is registered for 2 years)?  Or are you referring to the sale price being extended past 2007?
ReplyQuote2/5/2007 15:28
jamal_jo posted:
I meant if i`ve registerd a domain .info in the year 2006 for examble , is the the price for renewal still $2.99 ??

thank you .
ReplyQuote2/5/2007 17:40
teamdynadot posted:
The renewal price is $7.99. There is no discount for renewals.
ReplyQuote2/5/2007 20:19