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teamdynadot posted:
We were wondering if anyone wanted any other payment methods. Some people have asked for E-Gold support. Others have asked for Google Checkout. Are there any other payment methods you would like to see?

What does that payment method offer that you like?

It takes us a few weeks to add a payment method, but we would be willing to do it if there was enough demand. Thank you in advance for your responses.

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Oct 24, 2006 14:27.]
ReplyQuote10/24/2006 14:21
E-gold is Good, I whant it :D
ReplyQuote10/25/2006 02:02
sf_us posted:
One vote for Google Checkout here. They're in the middle of a $10 off $30 promotion blitz right now, so hopefully that would apply to DynaDot customers too.
ReplyQuote10/31/2006 19:16
I'm pretty satisfied with Paypal and Credit Card. However, having Google Checkout as an option definately would be nice. One vote right here.
ReplyQuote11/13/2006 15:08
mehdi posted:
another vote for e-gold :p
ReplyQuote11/30/2006 09:32
gritmonkey posted:
I like google checkout.  They are currently running a promotion where you get your fees as adsense credits, which seemed cool to me.
ReplyQuote12/29/2006 21:58
domainmaster posted:
Another vote for Google Checkout!
ReplyQuote1/1/2007 08:25
I don't have paypal in my country so i loved to see Dynadot accepting Moneybookers (which is my paypal alternative) but E-Gold support will be good as well
ReplyQuote1/7/2007 16:11