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c_j_changzhi_cn_2 posted:
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Date Created  Order ID  Status  Price  Payment Type  Item(s) Ordered
2008/03/14  308638  Processing  2.00  PayPal  prepay
2008/03/14  308628  Processing  7.99  PayPal  prepay

result  Need Approval

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When can I get a reply?
ReplyQuote3/17/2008 15:50
teamdynadot posted:
It looks like your orders have been approved.  Sorry for the delay.
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devduke posted:
I have the same issue.
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teamdynadot posted:
It appears that your issue has been resolved.
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I have the same problem. The account for paypal payment says need approval.
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Can anybody pls. approve it as the website will expire you dont do it.

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The domain is going to expire can you pls. pls. approve the prepay of my account.

PLs. I request you to kindly approve it.

My domain is going to expire and if you don't approve it I will be at a loss kindly do it for me pls.
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teamdynadot posted:
a_c_chennai_in_1:  We need to complete a verification for your account.
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Payment approved...thanks

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I have the same problem.

Order Items

domain registration
result          Need Approval

duration                Basic Hosting - 1 year ($11.99)
result          Created

Can you activate the domaine and install the DNS to redirect it to the webhost created please?

Thanks a lot.

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