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Credit card payment keeps being rejected - address mismatch (expired domains)
6/6/2022 03:33
Please advise. I have ZERO issues paying for things with my card, worldwide but here on Dynadot I am keep getting my payment rejected with the following error displayed at my bank:

Dynadot cancelled this transaction. The money was back in your account by 6 June 2022.

Then my bank emailed the following:

We're still getting the address mismatch decline notice for this transaction.

It may be worth reaching out to the merchant themselves in this case, the address you're sent through, is indeed your billing address with Wise, it may be possible the merchant is using a different format.

I've checked over the account and card and everything is active and fully functional.

Both my card address with my bank and here on Dynadot are the SAME!
Yet, I am unable to pay for my domain names that have since expired.
I did ask to pay by bank transfer but Dynadot representative advised me that would only be possible if it was over $500.
Now I am stuck and unable to renew my (now) 3 expired domains!
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6/6/2022 03:33
See latest:
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shadowbyte13 replied shadowbyte13 :6/6/2022 03:44
Or if you prefer, see screen shot of error:
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shadowbyte13 replied shadowbyte13 :6/6/2022 10:27
success! I have changed currency to USD and payment finally got through.
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