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Forums -> Web Hosting -> Why does my website set off the browser security alert?
j_s_narre_warren_au posted:
Just hours ago, I started a new email hosting with Dynadot, for a website of mine.

When I did my first test of the website, I keep on getting a message warning me not to visit the website.

One browser gave me the message like 'it shows as being although it has the domain name of  {my domain}

What is causing this, is this only a short term thing that will settle down soon, or what?
ReplyQuote2/5/2021 22:07
Hi, same problem here, can you help please Dynadot ?
ReplyQuote2/27/2021 05:25
teamdynadot posted:

It appears your SSL has been added and we do not see any issues. Please feel free to reach out should you have any other questions.
ReplyQuote3/19/2021 09:51
teamdynadot posted:
@j_s_narre_warren_au: Thanks for contacting us.

Are you still experiencing the issue? If so can you please provide the domain name? Alternatively you can reach out to our chat support for a faster response time. I believe the issue is your SSL certificate but are unable to confirm without being able to view your DNS.
ReplyQuote3/19/2021 09:55
I am facing the same issue.
ReplyQuote6/8/2022 19:22
Hello, that is usually related to the SSL configuration on your website. I'm seeing is currently secured. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any other questions.
ReplyQuote6/14/2022 22:48