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Forums -> Web Hosting -> How to use FTP with my email hosting
j_s_narre_warren_au posted:
I have recently started up a new email hosting for a new website of mine.

I want to upload files, using FileZilla, but I keep on getting the 530 Access Denied when the password command is sent.

I do have other email hostings, I have checked with a few of them, and, they all work without a problem.

I have changed the password twice, and still nothing.

What should I do here?
ReplyQuote11/30/2022 16:56
I have notcied that, I am not able to set the named servers to dynadot email hosting.   Could this be a reason for the 530?
ReplyQuote12/8/2022 14:18
teamdynadot posted:

We're sorry for the late response, unfortunately, our email service no longer supports the hosting of an HTML website and as a result, the FTP service is no longer available. Email services purchased prior to October 2021 may have still offered website hosting, however, that has since been retired.

Best regards,
Dynadot Support Team
ReplyQuote3/16/2023 07:25