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ORG Spanish IDN Launch Results
3/12/2007 12:32
We analyzed the results of the ORG Spanish IDN Launch. There were many duplicate pre-orders. The results below are for unique domain names. For example, many customers pre-ordered, but it only counts as one domain in our analysis.

Overall Success Rate: 19.39%

Of all the unique pre-order domains, we registered 19.39%. The other pre-order domains could not be registered for various reasons.


We did a further analysis on the most popular domains, those with more than one pre-order.

FAIL: Another Registrar  10.00%
FAIL: Policy Error        4.38%
FAIL: Country Code        8.75%
FAIL: Legacy             65.00%
SUCCESS                  11.88%

The domains that returned Policy, Country Code, or Legacy errors could not be registered at all. So of the domains that could be registered, we got about half and other registrars got the other half.

Actual Success Rate: 54.29%


A Policy Error is when the domain is not allowed by the central registry rules. For example, a lot of customers placed pre-orders for, even though that is a one character IDN, and is not allowed by this central registry. Also, several pre-orders were for domains not in Spanish.

A Country Code failure is caused when the domain was already registered using another country code. There are several other European languages that also have accented characters, and many Spanish words were already registered using these alternative country codes.

A Legacy Failure is caused when the domain was already registered during the first ORG IDN launch in 2001. After this 2001 launch, the ORG central registry stopped allowing IDN registrations for a while to work out technical issues. But registrants were allowed to keep most domains that they had registered.


We did not do a breakdown of the domains that only received one pre-order. But we suspect that the actual success rate for these domains, taking out the Policy, Country Code, and Legacy errors, would be even higher than 54%.

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Mar 12, 2007 12:37pm.]
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3/15/2007 00:43
My own failure breakdown (using Dynadot) was about the same, although I made more policy errors having not read closely about the minimum length.

Knowing what you know now about these kinds of mistakes, and knowing what you knew then, about the limitations such as legacy domains, why let so many people make mistakes that result in unnecessary charges?

I know it's not easy to factor in all those restrictions and I know you don't have an infinitely large programming department, but I think it would help in the long run with general lookups and customer trust. At the very least posting the limitations more prominently would have been worth the effort.

Thanks for the analysis, the only number missing was the total number of attempted registrations so I would feel like all those Policy Errors were my own :-)
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3/15/2007 10:32
We do have plans to try to catch more of the errors next time around, before you place your pre-orders. We agree that the more errors that can be caught ahead of time, the better. It will lead to a better customer experience, which is important to us.

The difficulty we faced was that we were not able to submit domain check commands using the Spanish language tag before the launch. So we could not say for sure whether a Spanish domain was available or not before the launch.

But we do have some ideas to work around that limitation for the next launch.

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Mar 15, 2007 10:40am.]
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3/16/2007 17:48
We have reduced our bulk prices for ORG Spanish IDNs to $6.99.
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4/2/2007 08:32
Shen is the 30-day lock up? By my funky math it would be around 11:00 AM Pacific today.
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4/2/2007 15:06
The time when the 30-day registry lock will be removed will vary depending on which day your domain was registered.  From our "ORG Spanish IDN Launch" article (

"All Spanish ORG IDNs registered in the first month after launch will be registry locked for 30 days after their registration date."

[This post has been edited by dynadot_staff on Apr 2, 2007 3:07pm.]
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4/2/2007 15:32
Here is what my whois record states:

Created On:03-Mar-2007 19:01:27 UTC

and here is the current time:

02-Apr-2007 23:24:55 UTC

Which makes it 30 days, 4 hours+ since registration. Instead of 30 days (which has passed), are they going to release them after 31 days? I know I have the patience of a four-year-old, but hopefully my math is slightly more mature.
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Posted By hekler
4/3/2007 07:02
Knowing a number of the registries it will work as follows

If you registered anytime on the 3/Mar/2007 the embargo will come of at 12.01 on the 3/Apr/2007. For the purpose of the embargo the day is the key not the exact time.
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4/3/2007 07:10

I sure wish that were true, but they're still waiting for sync. UTC is now:

Tue Apr  3 14:08:30 2007 UTC

Perhaps it will release on Apr 4 00:00:01?
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Posted By hekler
4/3/2007 09:21
While scratching head hekler says......

Oh who knows with these registries. They're all a bit weird. Each has their own way of doing things such as

The day you register is not counted and the day making up the last day must be conclude


We will say 30 days but it really means a month so in this case 31 days


Both of the above


some other weird thing
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4/3/2007 15:42
I do not know why these domains are still under registry lock even though the initial 30-day period has passed.  We have contacted the central registry about this.  Hopefully they can shed some light on why your domains are still locked.
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