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seo_sofia_bg posted:
I see your company in accredited registrars for new tld's .сайт and .онлайн. Where on your site is info how and when we can buy new .сайт and .онлайн domains?
ReplyQuote1/15/2014 06:36
teamdynadot posted:
We don't have any information up on our site just yet.  We'll keep you updated when something is available.
ReplyQuote1/15/2014 17:27
seo_sofia_bg posted:
Thanks for answer. How can i receive notification on my email? Will be really good to have info 1-2 days before registration start.
ReplyQuote1/16/2014 02:00
teamdynadot posted:
Currently, there's no option for that.  We'll let you know if anything changes.
ReplyQuote1/16/2014 11:53
seo_sofia_bg posted:
Ok, and what about .estate, . guru, .build and others? Will be able to buy it on dynadot? I see on some other registrants websites February 06, 2014 as start date.
ReplyQuote1/27/2014 23:31
teamdynadot posted:
We have .guru and .estate now.  A new bunch will be added each week.  Check our TLD page for updates:

The new ones will be at the bottom.
ReplyQuote2/6/2014 16:51