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BIG PROBLEM w DOTNAME IDN-S-registerring : processing keeps on going
11/8/2009 01:43

Here a message, referring to my reply on "IDN NAME domains AVAILABLE"

I want to add the question :
1/Has the "NAME"-registry postponed the opening of registration of IDNS
2/Or do they have difficulties because of lot's applications
3/Or is there something wrong with Dynadot, (because it's sunday) is there something wrong with the PROCESING TO the DOTNAME-registry ??

Please reply
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11/8/2009 01:43
I hope everything will go smoothly now.

[This post has been edited by domainshopper on Nov 9, 2009 6:09pm.]
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Posted By kate
11/8/2009 01:43
I can't believe that people still register .name domains
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