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Forums -> Server incidents -> DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN
s_medan_id_4 posted:
My domain suddenly his error and changed to DNS DNS
DNS primaire:
DNS secondaire:

when it was 1 month I delete from and all goes well and no problems after I delete from
Suddenly my web can not be accessed.

for domain:

and I see their status: clientTransferProhibited

I want to try to change to DNS: and
it can not, the error: The name servers and can only be used with one of the Dynadot services like parking or forwarding. If you are trying to set up your hosting, please use the Dynadot Hosting setting.

is there any support that could replace me back to normal DNS, DNS to ..?

Please help me ya ..
thank you
ReplyQuote1/24/2016 05:17
teamdynadot posted:
If you set your domains to DNS, it automatically uses our name servers. You wouldn't manually enter our name servers unless you had hosting through us.

Seems your domains are set to DNS correctly now. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!
ReplyQuote1/26/2016 16:00
hi, my domain name is and i have this message:
                                                    This site is inaccessibleCheck if the address is correct.
                                                     If there is no error, try doing a Windows network diagnostic.
hope you can help me with this.
ReplyQuote11/14/2021 02:34
Hi, looks like the domain expired and was deleted already.
ReplyQuote11/30/2021 22:07
b_c_accra_gh posted:
please I am facing the same challenge. My domain name is
ReplyQuote5/2/2020 04:56 is online already. Could you specify the issue please?
ReplyQuote5/20/2020 19:54
hey im facing the same problem
ReplyQuote2/19/2021 00:29
Hi, can I confirm which domain is having issues?
ReplyQuote3/17/2021 02:00
paperized replied teamdynadot :
I had a similar problem with the DNS it says DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN on my browser.
But it is fixed now. Thank you very much for resolving it fast.
ReplyQuote3/19/2021 09:13
katrix25 replied teamdynadot :
im having same problem
ReplyQuote5/4/2021 04:34
katrix25 posted:
I am facing same problem, too much irritated now.

I didnt thought that, DNS setting will make much trouble, from yesterday im facing error and error.

How do I solve it?? Now I'm thinking, whether I have done mistake or not, by purchasing domain from Dynadot seriously.
ReplyQuote5/4/2021 04:33
teamdynadot replied katrix25 :
Hey there, I can confirm you have done everything correct on Dynadot. What you must do next is configure your DNS settings at Cloudfare. As you can see if you follow this link{Enter your Domain here}.com

Please enter your domain where I indicated and go to see the
status of your IP.
ReplyQuote6/12/2021 12:24
I followed the directions you stated, because I am having the same problem. The IP address sections read 'None'.
ReplyQuote12/4/2021 20:25
Hi, which domain is having the issue? If you don't want to reveal it here, please feel free to contact our chat support to let the team take a further look.
ReplyQuote12/7/2021 21:30
DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN i have this message in my website what i should do now please?
ReplyQuote12/21/2022 19:33
Hello, to protect your private information, can you provide the website domain to our chat agent so they can take a closer look for you?
ReplyQuote1/4/2023 21:41
I have this message in my website and what I should do now please?
ReplyQuote1/16/2023 01:37
Hello, it doesn't looks like is set up with A record. You can contact your server provider Cloudflare to let them check further for you.
ReplyQuote1/29/2023 21:29