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Forums -> Domain Appraisals -> estibot appraisal is more than godaddy did you ever see this ? i need the real value please
m_m_elmansoura_eg_2 posted:
New York Accent .com
aged domain for someone want to invest or start a website to teach english
estibot appraisal 2300$
godaddy appraisal 887$
i want to sell it but i dont know the real value of it
can anyone help please ? .. thanks
ReplyQuote6/29/2022 08:50
ReplyQuote7/1/2022 21:14
Those automatic appraisals are wildly inaccurate most of the time.

This case is not an exception.  I think it's unlikely that anyone would buy this domain.
ReplyQuote11/27/2022 04:05