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3/25/2010 08:58
Hi, please help....
swamped with interest elsewhere...whats it worth, and to whom?
Mcdonalds more?...or it's competitors.
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3/25/2010 13:02
Not worth anything to me, I love Mcdonalds.

Maybe if you contact a health organization that hates fast food or Peta, maybe you can get lucky. But I would say its worth about 10 bucks (or less)
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4/27/2010 18:49
It is worse than worth nothing.  The website name and current web page contents are easily construed as libel by the hamburger chain, meaning you may likely find yourself in civil court soon defending yourself against anti-business and libel suits.  I suggest editing the web page contents unless you want to be sued.
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12/2/2010 23:59
Distasteful and gross!!
Legal problems -- has McDonald's logo in places.
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