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teamdynadot posted:
Which top level domain should we add next? Your input would be appreciated.
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droplist posted:
I voted .mobi, but if i could choose two it would also be .de, .mobi's staying power is questionable.
ReplyQuote11/16/2006 17:25
IDN .jp should be cool if possible..
The registries within japan are selling .jp IDN for $5/pop and they get it for around $4/year from the registry or less(IDN .jp promotion by JPRS)

Only downside is Dynadot might not be able to get the deal as they don't have a presence in Japan. ;-(
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himselfprod posted:
.be ( belgium )

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Hoping to see .mobi.
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kate posted:
.nu is not Nicaragua
ReplyQuote11/20/2006 12:56
teamdynadot posted:
Thanks for catching that, we have corrected the country name for .nu.
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I voted .mobi
If I had the ability to submit a second vote, I think it would be for DE....or ca....or in

hehe, nevermind.

First vote = .mobi
Second vote = .in
Third vote = .de
Fourth vote = .ca

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i_tokyo_jp posted:
.jp, but ascii and idn ; )
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I want LT - Lithuania.

Vote: IN - India
ReplyQuote11/26/2006 02:57
chuckster posted:
I would concentrate on the least expensive TLDs.

And also concentrate on those TLDs with no restrictions.

Also, while you publish the price, I'm not sure if you publish the ones that have "no" restrictions.
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