Get the .TOOLS You Need to Get Online With These New TLDs

Robyn Norgan
Jun 18, 2014

We've got quite a .SUPPLY of new TLDs being released today! This week we have five new TLDs from Donuts that are now available during their Early Access General Availability period. Plus, Donuts now has four new TLDs out of their Early Access period and available for general registration: .CARDS, .CATERING, .CLEANING, and .COMMUNITY. Now check out this week's new TLDs and get the .TOOLS you need to get online today!

There's a new place to showcase all your warehouse products online - with the .SUPPLY domain! Regardless of what industry you chose to specialize in, you can customize your .SUPPLY domain name and tailor it to specific products of your choice.

.SUPPLY not tickling your fancy? Then check out .SUPPLIES! Audiences and potential customers will easily know the purpose of your website the moment they see your .SUPPLIES domain.

.INDUSTRIES is the perfect option for any individual, company, or organization involved in any type of industry. .INDUSTRIES allows you to distinguish your company online with a domain that is unique and memorable.

Become a part of .PARTS, the newest domain for anyone in the parts business. Whether you sell auto parts, computer parts, appliance parts, or any other kinds of parts, .PARTS is the perfect place to establish your parts business online.

From hardware tools to tools that help you learn a language, the .TOOLS domain is the online space for tools to aid you. With a .TOOLS domain name, you can create an online space unique to your tools - whether you plan to sell physical tools online or create an informational guide on any subject!

Post by Robyn Norgan