3 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business Website Through Personal Branding

Swati Maheshwari
Mar 5, 2018
Let me tell you a secret: you can get more website traffic and media attention for your business in just a matter of days through personal branding. This post, which is probably a 7-minute read, will tell you how. All you have to do is apply the tactics discussed here and get ready for the next level of business marketing.

If you are thinking that you don't have time for personal branding and that it’s not on top of your business agenda, it’s all the more reason why you need to know the benefits of personal branding that you are probably missing out on. Read on!

What is personal branding?

Personal branding is self-marketing in a way that helps you position yourself as an authentic thought leader in your industry. Through personal branding, you can establish your unique image, voice, and credibility in a specific area.

What are the benefits of personal branding?

Industry Benefits:

  • If you are in a niche industry, personal branding can help you drive conversations about your business in a way that your business's online presence cannot.

  • You can contribute to conversations about your industry through an active social media presence. This will make you a popular voice in your industry circles.

  • You can share your views about your industry's trends and gain authority on the subject.

Press Benefits:

  • You can keep a tab on influencers and journalists who might be looking for inputs on your industry.

  • You can build relationships with key journalists in your industry by directly interacting with them in a meaningful way.

Social Media Benefits:

  • You can drive more traffic to your business blog by sharing the content with your social followers.

  • You can get invited to industry events as a keynote speaker by growing your social media following.

Customer Benefits:

  • You can humanize your business and create affinity for it among your customers by being vocal about your struggles, wins, management strategies, and ethics.

  • You can communicate with your customers and resolve their grievances personally. It will create a wonderful human story about your business.

  • You can become an influencer for your business and drive more customers to try your product/service. Personal branding will help you build credibility for your business.

These are just some of the many direct business benefits that you can derive by building an active personal brand for yourself. Here are 3 ways to help you get started:

1) Personal Website

A personal website is a great place to start your personal brand building exercise. Through a website, you can give a low-down of your personal and professional achievements, awards, social media profile links, your contact details, your photos from speaker opportunities, recognition, etc. You can also include links to any media stories where you have been quoted, interviewed, or featured.

Since your personal website will work as your digital business card, choose your domain name by keeping in mind how you want to be perceived.

Some of the ideas to help you choose a personal website domain name are:




The new domain extensions such as .SPACE, .SITE, and .WEBSITE offer a great opportunity in terms of availability and affordability for you to get your "firstnamelastname" domain name. Register one now if you haven’t already.

Your personal website can extend to carry your blog as well. The next point covers ideas on what you can do with your blog. In case you wish to create a blog only (and skip the personal website), check out some thought starters on how to choose a domain name for your blog in the next point.

2) Industry Blog

If you wish to become an influencer in your industry, starting a blog focused on that industry is a brilliant idea. You have to stay consistent and churn out meaningful, valuable content to build an audience. The most important aspect of an industry blog is that it needs to carry authentic ideas to be able to build an authentic brand.

I must add that the art of writing is not a necessity to be a great blogger, but being consistent is.

As an industry blogger, you can write about:

  • What your industry is witnessing

  • The latest news in your industry with a localized insight of your own

  • Data driven content, industry trends and crisis

  • Industry events such as conferences, processes, creative business strategies

  • People stories such as your employees, subject matter experts, competitors (in a positive way, of course)

  • Annual round up

  • Predictions for next year

  • State of the industry report

Some of the ideas to help you choose a blog's domain name are:

  • (for a tech industry blog)

  • (for an aerospace industry blog)

  • (for an automotive blog)

  • (for a generic business blog)

By using new domain extensions creatively, you can get a blog domain name that is relevant to your industry.

3) Branded Links on Social Media

Branded links are a brand new way to promote yourself on social media in a polished manner. Sign up for any URL shortening service and choose a custom domain name to brand each shortened link. That way, you will be able to reinforce your brand name over and over in the minds of your ever growing followers. Branded links also help build credibility. It lets people know that you have vetted the link and they can trust the destination that link will take them to.

So, instead of using complicated, unpronounceable links such as and, you can use branded links such as:




You can monitor the clicks and engagement on the branded links that you create. You can even change the destination of your links at any point in the future.

With these tactics, you are now ready to start building your personal brand! Head to Dynadot’s domain search page to buy a suitable domain name for your website, blog, or link branding.

Guest Post by Swati Maheshwari, Content Marketing Manager, Radix

Swati Maheshwari leads Content Marketing at Radix, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions such as .TECH, .STORE , .ONLINE , .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .WEBSITE, .FUN and .HOST. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.