Level up your Twitch brand with .TV

Paige Omandam
Sep 25, 2019
Are you a Twitch streamer looking to take your brand to the next level? Here's a question for you— where does your brand exist outside of your Twitch stream? If your brand is confined to Twitch alone, you might want to explore other ways to own your online presence.

Twitch's domain name is extremely memorable thanks to the domain extension .TV. You can also register a .TV domain to align yourself with your Twitch brand. There are many creative ways you can use .TV as a domain name, for example:

  • YourName.TV

  • TwitchName.TV

  • TwitchNameLive.TV

  • TheTwitchName.TV

  • WatchTwitchName.TV

What can you do with a .TV domain name?

The answer is simple: create a website. As a streamer, you might be wondering, why do I need one if I already have a profile on Twitch? Here are four reasons why it's worth the time and effort.

1. Showcase all your content in one place

As your brand grows, so should your content. The benefit of having your own website is having full control over what you want your fans to see and how they see it. Let your fans know your schedule, view your stream highlights, find out about public appearances, and more, all in one place. You can also include content like blogs, Youtube videos, and FAQs. Additionally, you can embed your Twitch stream right on your website.

2. Connect with your fans

Make your fans feel appreciated by dedicating a part of your website to them. You can give them exclusive access to content like merchandise, giveaways, fan art, and more. Not only will this appeal to your current audience, but it will also attract new followers. You also have the potential to gather the contact information of your fans to put your content directly in front of them. Not only will this be valuable for you, but it will prove to be extremely valuable to potential sponsors.

3. Increase your sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors want to know what value you offer to them as a streamer. Display the information that will impress them, such as your view count, follower numbers, social media, previous sponsorships, and contact information. With this information all in one place, it will be easy for them to determine that you are the right choice.

4. Forward your Twitch stream to your .TV domain name

Not ready to create a website just yet? You can use your .TV domain to redirect to your Twitch stream. This helps you stand out as a streamer and allows you to create a website whenever you are ready to level up your brand.

Will you be attending TwitchCon in San Diego on September 27-29? Visit Team Dynadot and Verisign at booth #2103 to register your own .TV domain!