Get Exclusive with .VIP

Paige Omandam
Mar 30, 2021

One of the best things about the internet is creating communities online of individuals who share similar interests or hobbies. Show your appreciation for your communities by creating an online space exclusively for them with a .VIP domain name.

How can you use .VIP for your online communities?

Brands & Businesses

Keep your top customers engaged by sharing exclusive deals and product drops on a website just for them. Your buyers will surely feel like a VIP when they gain private access to items or coupons that other customers can't find anywhere else. This is a great way to increase brand loyalty and show how much you appreciate their business.

Content Creators

Creators like streamers and YouTubers can amass large followings of supporters that are constantly waiting for the next piece of content. To keep them engaged, create a special place online where they can interact with you, view exclusive material, and stay updated on your projects. A .VIP website for your fans will make them feel appreciated and recognized, and others will be lining up to join the community!

Special Events

A .VIP domain name can add an extra level of exclusivity to any event, online or in-person. Build up anticipation for any occasion by creating a .VIP landing page with all the information they need to know. Whether it's a wedding, online conference, birthday, or work celebration, your guests will feel like a VIP for sure.

What's even better is that .VIP supports French, German, and Spanish IDNs, which means you can expand your reach internationally. 1st-year registration for .VIP is only $4.18, so create your exclusive community today!

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