5 Ways to Use .PICS for an Online Gallery

Paige Omandam
Mar 31, 2021

Whether you are in the photography field or not, photos are a significant part of our lives. They help us capture moments in time that we can share for generations to come. We see photos in the news stories we read daily. We save photos of things we love or people we look up to. We all have pictures of something, which is why a .PICS domain name is so versatile. Here are five ways you can use .PICS for an online gallery.

1. Professional Photography Portfolio

As a professional photographer, your portfolio is your most vital marketing tool. Potential clients want to see your photography style, editing quality, and client posing techniques before they decide to book you for a shoot. Having a .PICS domain name where you can share your portfolio will be memorable and show clients that you take your profession seriously. Here are a couple ways you can incorporate your name or brand with a .PICS domain:

  • FirstNameLastName.PICS

  • FirstNameStudio.PICS

  • BrandName.PICS

2. Event Photo Gallery

Use a .PICS domain name to collect all the photos from a special event. With a permanent online gallery, you and your guests can reminisce about the occasion for years to come. .PICS makes the website name easy to remember and is a fun addition to link in thank you cards. Here are a few ideas for domain names to use for your event photo gallery:

  • LastNameWedding.PICS

  • FirstNameGraduation.PICS

  • FirstNameBirthday.PICS

3. Photo Editing Portfolio

You don't always have to be behind the camera in the photography business. Many photographers pass on their unedited pictures to photo editors who professionally retouch them. If you're in the photo editing industry, an online gallery showing the before and after of your edits can help photographers decide if your styles align. A .PICS domain will catch your clients' attention and keep you in mind when they're looking for an editor. Here are some ideas for .PICS domains for photo editors:

  • FirstNameEdits.PICS

  • FirstNameLastNameEdits.PICS

  • BrandNameEdits.PICS

4. Fan Website Gallery

Are you a massive fan of a celebrity, artist, singer, TV show, or movie? Create a community of fans where you can share photos related to your common interest. Not only does it allow you to connect with fans around the world, but all the pictures related to who or what you love are compiled in one place. Try out some of these ideas for your fan photo website:

  • CelebrityName.PICS

  • TVShow.PICS

  • FandomName.PICS

5. Family History Website Gallery

Keep an online database of your family tree photos with a family history gallery. A digital gallery allows relatives from around the world to get a glimpse into the past, plus it gives you the security of a digital record of photos in case anything happens to the physical copies. Unlike scrapbooks, your website won't be misplaced or lost to natural disasters. This is a great way to connect with family and dedicate a website to your family history. Here are a few .PICS domain names you might want to use:

  • LastName.PICS

  • LastNameFamilyTree.PICS

  • LastNameFamily.PICS

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