5 Tips To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Finance Business

Eshan Pancholi
Oct 12, 2020

There's little doubt that the finance sector's inevitable digitization has made banking and managing investments a lot easier. The shift to online finance management has opened up the doors for numerous new players to play the field. However, in today's fiercely competitive world of finance, having a brandable online presence is as vital as having an efficient online platform.

The key to successful online branding lies in choosing the perfect domain name. Think about it; your domain name is your business's identity on the Internet and works as the address for your virtual office. Your domain name is the first touchpoint for prospective customers to get a perspective or a first impression about what your business represents and the services it offers.

Your finance business needs a meaningful domain name that describes your business's nature and sends strong and positive connotations to your visitors while reinforcing the benefits clients will receive when doing business with you. Several new online finance businesses pick quirky, almost awkward, domain names simply because contextual names are hard to find on conventional domain extensions.

The following five tips will help you choose the right domain name for your finance business's website:

5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Finance Business

1. Register An Exact Match Domain Name

Already have a brand name in mind? Go ahead and register the exact match domain name! If you've spent time creatively crafting a smart name for your finance business, it's wise to register the exact match name. For instance, if your brand name is Blue Bond, you should register or Avoid registering unnecessarily complicated names with special characters or misspellings like or or or

The goal should be to register a clean, clutter-free exact match domain name, so it's easier to promote your business. A smart way to choose a brandable domain name is to pair your finance business's name with a relevant new domain extension. A slick and short domain name like will create a strong and positive first impression on anyone who comes across it. The .bond domain extension creatively serves as a contextual word to better describe finance businesses.

2. Embrace New Domain Extensions

New domain extensions offer novice businesses the unique opportunity to register short, category-killer, creative domain names relatively inexpensively that help with better branding and positioning than registering names with conventional domain extensions. A catchy and meaningful domain name with .bond is better for branding, and it helps cement your business as a thought-leader in the world of finance.

Being a relatively new domain extension .bond offers finance businesses a vast pool of names not readily available with any other domain extensions. .bond is a meaningful, keyword-rich domain extension that offers tons of branding potential and precise positioning for finance businesses, investment firms, and professionals looking to establish a robust online presence.

3. Choose A Name That Is Short, Simple, and Smart

Your finance business needs to invoke credibility right from the very beginning. A clunky domain name that is hard to spell and even harder to remember will only push you further away from building a strong finance brand. Search for a short domain name that is easy to spell, recall, and type.

Clients' ability to recall your domain name after hearing it plays a significant role in brand development. The radio test is an effective way to check just how easy your domain name is to remember. The radio rest gauges just how easy it is to recall and spell your website's domain name when someone hears it for the very first time.

For instance, a domain name like will ace the radio test, but names like or or or will not make the cut. Your domain name should describe what your business is about in the simplest, cleanest, and most straightforward way possible.

4. Avoid Settling For Complicated Domain Names

While this may seem like a repetition of the previous points, it needs to be highlighted separately because numerous finance businesses resort to including hyphens, numbers, special characters, and force-fit words in their domain names. Not only does doing this hamper your radio test results, it severely affects your brand-building goals.

As a finance business looking to gobble up the competition, you need to establish trust, authenticity, and a level of brand-ability to attract new customers. A messy, wordy domain name will make it very difficult for your customers to remember you. Your domain name should be void of hyphens, additional letters, and random numbers.

5. Beware Of Copyrights and Trademarks

The last thing you want is to register a domain name that matches or is similar to another business or brand name. Not only will this hamper your brand building ambitions, but it could lead to severe legal issues – a fight no new business can afford or should indulge in.

Check trademarked names from companies all over the world. Your domain name should not, in any way, sound similar to another business's domain name. If there is even the slightest hint of your domain name infringing on another user or business's copyright or trademark, it's best to drop that name.

While trademark issues could plague your business with massive legal expenses and bring your business operations to a grinding halt, you shouldn't emulate or imitate another brand or business's identity. After all, you want to establish an authentic presence and don't want people to get confused between your business website and another business.

How To Name Your Finance Website Using A New Domain Extension?

With thousands of new domain extensions to choose from, business owners are spoilt for choice! Here are a few smart ways to pick a brandable name with the .bond domain extension:

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

  • (e.g.

Find The Perfect Domain Name For Your Finance Business

Today, finance and investment businesses have the opportunity to choose a descriptive, meaningful, and relevant domain extension like .BOND to denote their presence on the Internet. As long as your finance business sports a short, simple, easy to remember domain name, it will be able to successfully outdo the competition and build a strong reputation for itself. By following the tips highlighted in this blog post, you will be able to register the right domain name for your finance business.

Eshan is a Senior Marketing Specialist at ShortDot, the registry behind some of the most successful new domain extensions, including .icu, .bond, and .cyou. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.