National Day of Unplugging

Candice Castro
Mar 6, 2020

What is National Day of Unplugging? Well, the idea is simple: disconnect from the digital universe for a 24-hour period and take the time to reconnect to yourself or those around you.

Sounds easy, but is it?

Living in a technological era has really revolutionized how we spend our time. Between shopping online and sending memes through our favorite social media channels, we are easily affixed to our smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices. But how can we not be?

Having access to a myriad of information on the web is exceedingly useful whether it is required for your profession or simply because you enjoy digital interaction. Technology gives us so much freedom to connect to whatever w e need, whenever we need it so why give that up...even if it is just for a day?

While being attached to our digital devices is absolutely conventional, especially in today’s age, it might be nice to put technology down for a moment to restore our minds and appreciate what else is tangible in our lives. Perhaps that is date night with our loved ones or pizza night with our friends. Maybe you like to sew or paint. When was the last time you meditated or read a good book?

Instead of using technology, try getting lost in a cleaning trance, go on a scenic drive, fix that shelf that has been broken for months, attend a cooking class, say "yes" to that coffee date, just create moments that you are not used to. One day without checking social media stories, browsing the Internet, or working tirelessly on a work project might help you reflect how important other things are too. Afterall, it could be healthy to take breaks from screen time as too much blue light might affect your eyes!

Disconnecting from digital and social outlets for 24 hours is no doubt a challenge, but some of us at Dynadot are going to try to partake in the sundown to sundown strike. Wish us luck!