.COMmemorating .COM's 30th Birthday with Some .COMedy!

Samantha Banks
Mar 15, 2015

Happy Sunday, and more importantly, Happy 30th birthday to you, .COM! Today we're COMmemorating .COM with an interview of our President and CEO, Todd Han. He was around for the launch of .COM in 1985 (although young - he's no geezer!), and I got to ask him several questions about life pre- and post- .COM. Check out his answers, and share your answers to his questions in the comments! Plus, get 1 $9.85 .COM registration today with our .COMmemoration sale!

What was life like before .COM? Do you miss it?

Before .COM, if you wanted to look something up you actually had to go to the library, ask someone, or go to an encyclopedia. I do not miss it.

.COM 30th Anniversary - .COM Domain Sale - Librarian

Yikes, can you imagine that? Thanks, .COM, for making all of our lives SO much easier, and helping us get through high school/college/grad school/work every day without infinite trips to the library, or stacks of encyclopedias scattered everywhere.

What was your first visit to a .COM?

In high school I visited, which was at that time a directory of websites, organized into different categories. This was before search engines were a thing.

.COM 30th Anniversary - .COM Domain Sale - Yahoo! First Home Page

Pretty neat, huh? Where can I find one of these nowadays?

What was your favorite .COM then?

.COM 30th Anniversary - .COM Domain Sale - Old Ebay Website

What's your favorite .COM now?

.COM 30th Anniversary - .COM Domain Sale - Home Page

Have you heard of this one? It's this pretty cool website where you can register the words that will take you to your own website. It's pretty cool I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯..... <-- Sarcasm - it's the best, good choice, boss!

How does .COM make you feel?

I feel nothing.

.COM 30th Anniversary : .COM Domain Sale : Register .COM Domains - Toy Robot

Uh oh, is there something you need to tell us, Todd?

What's your funniest .COM experience?

I think one time I accidentally went to instead of

Oops! That's alright, boss. It happens to us all....

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Post by Samantha Banks, who has a .COM of her own to celebrate -!

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