.Asia Domains for Lunar New Year

Feb 1, 2021

On February 12th, 2021 the Year of Rat officially gives way to the Year of Ox! Lunar New Year is often a time for renewed fortune and new beginnings. Every Lunar New Year celebration starts on a new moon, lasting for as long as 15 days, and ends when the moon becomes full again. Like most major holidays around the world, Lunar New Year is much about family, generosity and tradition.

The “Spring Festival”, as Lunar New Year is known in China, is one of the biggest holidays celebrated across Asia and around the world. It’s like having Christmas and New Year smashed into a glorious mix of red and gold with a side of drum and dance. Often referred to as just “Chinese New Year” in the West, the Lunar New Year is a key event observed and celebrated across Asia from Singapore, to Vietnam (Tet in Vietnamese), to South Korea (Seollal in Korean).

As a business, Lunar New Year is a great opportunity to align your brand and products with the hearts and minds of your Asian customers. Hitting the right cultural notes is vital, and having a .Asia domain for your Lunar New Year campaign can be just as on-point as wearing red.

Check out for their 2021 collaboration with Edison Chan.

This is also the perfect time for creative story telling that lets your customers know you share their values and outlook. Done right, Lunar New Year campaigns can earn your business attention of Asian customers for years to come. Some of the most charming ads for big brands are crafted for this time of the year by agencies based in Asia. Check out and their creation for Singapore’s McDonald’s.

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