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How to Auction Domain Names
Buy & Sell Auction Domains: How to Auction Domain Names
Katarina Perisin
May 31, 2022 • 8 min read

Depending on your experience with the world of domain names, you may have stumbled across domain name auction listings online and wondered what they actually are. In short, they are exciting, powerful tools to get some fantastic domains into your account or can even be used to sell your domains. In this article, we’re going to be covering both what they are in more detail, and go over how to auction domain names - so you can get in on the action. 

What is a domain auction?

A domain name auction is the process of buying and selling domain names through an auctioning platform, enabling individuals to bid on previously registered domains that suit their needs. Domain auctions can come in many forms – from user listed domains to expired domains. We’ll cover the variations later in this article.

Websites that provide domain auctions (like Dynadot) allow users to browse for domain names that are listed for auction and place bids on the names they want to acquire. As in any auction, the highest bidder wins, with each auction having a decided starting bid. Each bid must surpass the previous bid, and users can even place proxy bids to automatically place bids for them if they are outbidded by other users (to a specified maximum amount). Most domain auction services have an auto-extension feature that extends the closing time of auctions that receive last-minute bids (in order to discourage users from sniping domains at the last minute).

If you own a domain name that is no longer in use, it is worth considering selling it off at a domain auction. Which leads us to: how do you auction a domain name?

How to auction domain names

To list a domain name for auction, you’ll first need to determine the domain sale price. You can do this by looking at comparable domain name sales (through sites such as Namepros, NameBio, or even monitoring top monthly sales through our blog). You can also set a minimum price for your domain if you’re unsure and hope that bidders will raise it to a fair market price. Once you have a price in mind, you can list your domain on an auction site, such as ours.

The process and requirements for listing domains will vary depending on the where you list the domain. Through Dynadot, the process is as easy as unlocking your account, finding the domain you want to auction under the ‘My Domains’ -> ‘Manage Domains’ page, selecting the domain and choosing the ‘Sell Domain’ option from the action settings. Then you just need to select ‘Auction’ from the dropdown and determine your starting price! You can learn more about the process and requirements through our help page.

Keep Realistic Goals in Mind

One tip regarding listing your domain for auction is having a realistic target price in mind for your domain name. Once you understand the value that your domain provides the owner, look for domains that you consider to be of similar quality that has sold in the past as a reference point. You can see the many criteria that can make a domain name value in our domain investing guide (under chapter 5). Being honest and realistic with yourself on pricing will help provide more consistency when trying to sell domains.

Different types of domain auctions

There are many types of domain auctions, each with their own unique method of having the domains listed. Because of the many types of domain auctions, our aftermarket provides buyers and sellers many ways to capitalize on great domains.


Expired Domain Auctions

If you are looking for a valuable recently expired domain name for your business or domain portfolio, the best option to use would be an expired domain auction listing to place bids on expired domains for sale.

Domains that are not renewed by the registrant will, once they are expired, be listed on the auction. After the domain is available on the list, buyers can place bids for 7 days and the highest bidder receives the domain. The expired auction can be extended if a new bid is placed within the last 5 minutes of the 7 day bidding period. After you have won the expired auction domain name it will be shown on your Dynadot account once the order has been processed.


User Domain Auctions

If you own a profitable domain name or you’re interested in browsing through user-listed domains, our user domain auctions will be the best option available.

The process is the same as any Dynadot auction. The seller sets a minimum price on the valuable domain name and bidders have 7 days to place their bid. Once the highest bidder wins, they become the owner of the domain name.


Domain Backorder Auctions

If you have your eye on a specific domain name that is near full expiration, you may find it on our domain backorder auctions listing.

Domains that receive multiple backorder requests will end up available for bidding. The highest bid after the 7 day bidding period wins, with the highest bidder becoming the owner of the domain name.

If you want to watch and see if a backorder domain becomes a backorder auction, you can track certain domains by putting them on your watch list. This way you will be automatically notified once the domain name is available for auction, so you can start placing bids.


Last Chance Domain Auctions

On the other hand, if you simply love auctioning and battling for the valuable property at the last minute, check out our last chance domain auctions. All domains listed on this auction page are domains that weren't successfully completed on our other auction listings, meaning they already have some popularity. It’s a great chance to find valuable domain names for a very good price.


Listing your domains for sale with Dynadot

There are many reasons to list a domain for sale. You might want to list a domain name for auction if it's not in use and valuable; either because it is memorable, short, or because it ranks well on Google. If you have an idea for a new company, product, project, blog, or side business, you can register the domain and then auction it off if you decide not to pursue the idea as well. If you're looking for an auction platform, there are many reasons to list your domain name through Dynadot.

1. We're Trusted: We’re an ICANN accredited domain registrar that is known in the domain industry, especially in the domain investing world. You can feel confident that we keep your domain sales and purchasing safe and secure. We even securely handle all the transactions for you when buying and selling through our platform.

2. Low Commission Rate: We only have a industry low 10% commission rate, helping you keep almost all of the profits!

3. Make Offer System: If you’re looking to sell, you can let buyers make offers on your domains and negotiate right from the Dynadot platform, so you get the price you want while landing the sale.

4. For Sale Landing Page: You can use our simple and easy for-sale landing page to help promote your domain name for sale. Allow users to send offers or buy the domain quickly.

With a handful of places to list your domain names for auction, why not choose the one that will help you save and provide flexibility? Buy and sell your domain names here and build out your domain portfolio!


Katarina Perisin
Digital Marketing Associate

Comments (2)
Jun 19, 2022 2:46pm
I have a domain with GoDaddy that has expired. They want a lot of money to buy it again, even though they didn't inform me that it was close to expiration. Can I buy it through Dynadot? I also want to transfer a domain that is now with GoDaddy, and to create a new one to promote a book that I wrote. Is there a discount for multiple domains?
1 Reply
Jun 24, 2022 10:31am
Once the domain has fully completed the expiration process, you'll be able to find it on our domain name search ( Yes, there are discounts for multiple domain names but only once you've spent a certain amount in your account ( As for transferring a domain, please take a look at our transfer page to follow the transfer process ( If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact our support team that can assist.