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5 Reasons You Should Be A Dynadot Auction Affiliate
5 Reasons You Should Be A Dynadot Auction Affiliate
Paige Omandam
Jul 7, 2022 • 2 min read

You've got an audience of domain enthusiasts, and we've got domain names they'll love. When you join the Auction Affiliate Program, you help us gain exposure for these domains, and we help you earn big from promoting them. 

Dynadot's Auction Affiliate program is a simple and effective way for you to earn from promoting Expired and Backorder Auctions. We'll set up a custom tracking link for you to share our auctions on your website. When a customer (new or existing) clicks on your custom link, places a bid, and successfully wins the auction, you'll earn a 15% commission. 


If this isn't convincing enough, here are five reasons why you should join the Auction Affiliate Program today:

1. Big Earning Potential
Domains in our aftermarket can sell for upwards of thousands of dollars. Each month, we recap the top aftermarket sales in our marketplace. The more domains you share, the higher the chance you could refer to a hot domain auction -- and reap the benefits! You can also keep up with the hottest auctions of the week by subscribing to our Aftermarket Newsletter

2. Auctions Galore
New Expired and Backorder auctions are dropping every day. There is never a shortage of quality domain names to promote to your audience. Excellent domains expire daily and end up in our Expired Auctions, where bidders go neck-to-neck to win high-quality domains with pre-existing backlinks. Expiring domains in high demand that receive multiple backorder requests end up in our Backorder Auctions

3. Domains for Every Niche
You don't need to look far to find the perfect domains to share with your audience. Our marketplace allows you to search as specific as possible for even the most niche of audiences. Filter by specific TLD, current bid, monthly visitors, inbound links, age, character count, and more! We also have an EstiBot feature that uses an algorithm to determine a domain's approximate value to help investors make informed decisions.

4. Simple Setup
Getting started with the Auction Affiliate Program is fast and straightforward, so you can begin promoting immediately. The faster you get your signed agreement back to us, the quicker we can hand over all the tools you'll need to succeed. If you already have a personal Dynadot account, you're already halfway done! 

5. Easy Tracking & Payments 
We've made it simple for Dynadot customers to track the program through their existing account. The key metrics of your program performance can be tracked within your Dynadot account. View your total clicks, commissions, and successful referrals to help inform your promotion strategies. You can also request payouts manually through your account whenever you're ready to withdraw your earnings. 


Ready to start earning? Join the Auction Affiliate Program today! If you have questions about the program, email us at [email protected], and we'll be happy to help. 

Paige Omandam
Marketing Associate

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