Celebrate .STORE's 1 Year Anniversary With a Sale!

Lizzie Siy
Jun 21, 2017

Today, we would like to congratulate .STORE on their one year anniversary! Within the first day that .STORE was created, it generated $1 million while also having more than 10,000 registrations within the first ten minutes. To celebrate, we have partnered with .STORE to offer a sale price of $2.99!

Currently, with many major brands such as Emirates, Urban Dictionary, Formula 1, and more making the switch to .STORE, more businesses and brands are recognizing the benefits of using this unique domain. With this TLD, you can differentiate yourself from the rest. Simplify your web address and make your website name more memorable to customers and users! .STORE is great for eCommerce sites, retail brands, startups, and local small businesses. For commerce sites as well as retail brands, .STORE creates credibility with its customer base as well as letting customers know what your site is about.

Want to further celebrate .STORE's one year anniversary? Check them out on our website and see if it's the right fit for your business!

Create an identity for your site or business! Buy .STORE for $2.99 today! Sale ends 6/30/17 23:59 UTC

Written by Lizzie Siy