The Internet was made for .LIVE

Robyn Norgan
Sep 20, 2016

You know the feeling - that high you get when you're really in-the-moment. Moments like that are what the .LIVE domain is all about. .LIVE connects to you to what's happening now. And, what's happening right now is .LIVE is on sale and if you're looking for a very short, memorable domain name, you're in luck, because Rightside just released 2 character domain names for registration!

Take Advantage of our Sale

.LIVE is on sale for just $8.99 and this awesome price just got extended through the end of the year! Share real-time updates with your followers on your new .LIVE domain, announce new and exciting products your customers will love using your company's .LIVE domain, post live how to videos covering everything from home improvement to ordering your product, and more! Take advantage of this moment to register your .LIVE domain for less now!

Take Advantage of Short Premium Domains Now Available

When .LIVE first launched, 2 character domain names were not available for registration. Last week, they were made available during a special Early Access Period and now, they're available for general registration with no additional fees (though the domains are still premium). So, that means you have 1,296 combinations using A-Z and 0-9, so get started searching for your dream .LIVE domain today!

Rightside released 2 character domain names for all of its TLDs, so don't forget to include additional Rightside TLDs in your search!

Post by Robyn Norgan