In Honor Of Thesaurus Day, Here Are 3 Times That A Thesaurus Can Get You Out Of A Jam!

Barry Coughlan
Jan 18, 2016

Stuck on finding the ideal word to describe something? Tired of using the same words to express yourself? Well there is no better tool to use than the thesaurus, the vastly underused cousin of the far more popular dictionary. In fact today would be the perfect day to use a thesaurus, as January 18, 2016 marks Thesaurus Day! What’s another word for coincidental?

In celebration of Thesaurus Day (we are word geeks at Dynadot, so we celebrate days like this), we’ve compiled three great uses for the thesaurus beyond that of everyday writing. Happy reading!

Writing A Resume


This one is a bit tricky, as the key to a good resume is to be direct and concise. That being said, how many times have you struggled to find another word for experience when you’ve already used it three times. A thesaurus, when used properly, can showcase your skill set in a new way and help you stand out from the pack. That being said, someone needs to create a cliche thesaurus so that some of the well worn resume cliches can be put out to pasture (sorry ;)).

Doing The Crossword


Full disclosure, I’m a crossword fanatic and I am in a constant struggle to not reach for the dictionary when I’m stuck on a clue. Crossword aficionados will tell you that there is no room for a dictionary when finishing a crossword puzzle, but the jury is still out on the thesaurus. A helpful tool, a thesaurus will not complete the clue for you, but may kickstart your brain into finding the right word for the clue. In fact, there exists crossword specific thesaurus', but that may be crossing in the line into dictionary territory of third-party help. There seems to be a lot of unwritten rules in crosswords that I am not totally up to speed on, so I may just have to stick to doing the jumble.

Registering A Domain Name


We are in the website business, so we see a lot of domain names registered each day. With millions of names already registered, your ideal website name for your next great idea may already be taken. Well fear not, as a thesaurus may be the key to unlocking a name that is not only free but better than your original choice! Next time you go to register a website, have a look in the thesaurus and you’ll discover a world that may reveal the perfect word for your next venture! Now that is serendipitous, or fortuitous, or advantageous….

Post by Barry Coughlan