Meet Chubbs, The Newest Member Of The Dynadot Clan!

Annabel Maw
Jan 26, 2016

Chubbs McBuster or Chubbs, is a one-of-a-kind pit bull who loves long jogs in the SF bay area and snacking on Hawaiian rolls when his owners aren't looking. This pup was rescued from the Peninsula Humane Society in late 2015 by one of our software engineers and his wife, and has been a staple in the Dynadot office ever since! Chubbs is a very friendly and sweet dog, and his favorite days are when he gets a morning run with his owner and plenty of naps throughout the day. Read more about Chubbs and get to know this unique Dynadog!

1. Chubbs Is The Buffest Guy In The Office

Meet Our Newest Dynapet, Chubbs: Learn More About Chubbs Today - Chubbs

Here at Dynadot, we have a few fitness guru employees, but Chubbs surely takes the cake with his physique. Chubbs' buffness isn't the aftermath of multiple hours in the gym, but quite the opposite, it is his natural state! It takes a lot of skill to be that awesome. We commend you, Chubbs.

2. Chubbs Loves To Cuddle

Meet Our Newest Dynapet, Chubbs: Learn More About Chubbs Today - Chubbs and Leela

Chubbs may be big and buff, but this Dynadog is always down for a good snuggle. Whether he is at home on the couch with his family, or in the office with the team, Chubbs can always be found touching, snuggling, or cuddling someone. He even tries to cuddle his big sis, Leela, and other office dogs sometimes too!

3. Chubbs Is Leela's Brother


As I mentioned above, Chubbs and Leela are brother and sister! Leela is one of our Dynadog veterans, and was ecstatic to have a youger brother adopted into the family. Even though Chubbs and Leela are not biologically related, these two bonded with each other the first time they ever met! This picture of them was taken the second time they had ever played together! Can you say besties for life?

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Post by Annabel Maw