What You Need to Know About .US: The Final Four of NCAA's March Madness 2015

Samantha Banks
Mar 31, 2015

Sports fans unite! Here's an overview of a very American tradition that takes over (most) everyone's life here in the US every year: NCAA's March Madness Tournament. This is a college basketball tournament that starts with 64 teams, and narrows it down to one big winner. We thought we would let all of you who aren't in the US know about the tournament (since it takes up a whole wall in our office). Plus, we wanted to remind you that our .US domain sale ends today, so register yours now, reach all your fans, and turn your website into the big winner! Read more to find out about who is left in the tournament (we're down to the "Final Four" teams), and check out Dynadot's March Madness.

The Divisions & Their Final Four Teams

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Midwest: Kentucky Wildcats

This team is the team everyone wants to be on - Kentucky has gone undefeated in the season so far, and if they go all the way to win the tournament, they will be the first team to win undefeated since the 1970's - that's big. So far the Wildcats are 38-0 W-L, and they are ranked as the number 1 seed in the Midwest division. Kentucky also ranks as the #1 in the .US in adjusted defensive efficiency - which means they're good at stopping other teams, which puts them high on our March Madness expectancies. This team is steam rolling it's way to the finals, and is a fan favorite - meow, meow, Wildcats!

West: Wisconsin Badgers

Another 1st seed, the Wisconsin Badgers are at the top of their game (and division) with a 35-3 record. This team is another high ranker, and is recognized as #1 in the .US in adjusted offensive efficiency - which means their game agains Kentucky will be a show off of offense versus defense. Here at Dynadot we have several Wisconsinites, and the Badgers make 8 of 13 Dynadot Final Fours, and is listed as the winner in 2! Despite overcoming a devastating injury to point guard Traevon Jackson earlier in the season, the team has come back and is looking to go all the way. Chee(r)se to you, Badgers!

The Kentucky Wildcats and the Wisconsin Badgers will play April 4th at 20:40 EDT.

East: Michigan State Spartans

The Michigan State Spartans are the surprise of the March Madness Final Four - this team is seeded at number 7 in their division, and go in as the lowest seed in the Final Four. Nevertheless, we expect great things from them. This team was the classic underdog that has made a rise over the past few weeks and made it to the Final Four (no one at Dynadot saw that one coming). Both the team and fans are happily surprised, and with good reason. The Spartans are 27-11, and have been ranked 7th in assist rate within the .US. Let's se where you can take it, Michigan - for Sparta!

South: Duke Blue Devils

As the #1 seed in the South division, it is easy to guess why this team has made the Final Four. As a solid basketball team, they are ranked as #3 in the .US in adjusted offensive efficiency, and have a dynamic team that is pushing to win it all. Although they have a low percentage of 2-point field goal stops, the Blue Devils are kicking up a storm! They have even been placed in a winning spot in one of our Dynadot brackets, and made several of our Final Four teams. Let's see what fire you have, boys!

The Michigan State Spartans and the Duke Blue Devils will play April 4th at 18:00 EDT.

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Stats provided by Bleacher Report.

Post by Samantha Banks, who's bracket is already toasted. (I had Gonzaga winning - there's always next year, boys!)