Throwback Thursday: Celebrating Google Chrome's Birthday with a List of Our Favorite Features

Samantha Banks
Dec 11, 2014

Happy birthday to you, Google Chrome! If you're using Google's browser, wish it a happy birthday and celebrate by telling us about your favorite feature! Today, on the browser's 6th birthday, we've put together a list of our favorite features Chrome offers - I'll bet you didn't know the browser had a few of these awesome tools! Check them out and let us know what yours are, too!

Google Chrome's Birthday Our Favorite Features - Chrome Logo   

Automatic Translation

If you use Chrome, and you've clicked into a page in a different language, you've seen the drop down bar that offers to automatically translate your content to the language of your choice. For those of you who aren't familiar with the tool, Chrome recognizes the language of content on each website, and will automatically offer to translate for you if the content language is not the same as the language your browser settings are set to. This tool makes our list because we can all avoid copy-pasting into a translator window - Chrome does it for you! Although translations aren't always perfect, the tool is one of our favorites. Thanks, Google!

Google Chrome's Birthday Our Favorite Features - Chrome Logo   

Bookmarks Transfer

This tool is useful to all of us who have a million bookmarks at work, and need to get to them once we've left work. With Chrome's bookmark transfer, once you're logged into Google on your computer with all the bookmarks, Chrome will remember your bookmarks when you log into the browser on a different computer, et voilà, presto bookmarks! Pretty nifty for all of us who can never remember what on Earth the site was, but need to get to it. Try it out!

Google Chrome's Birthday Our Favorite Features - Chrome Logo   

Developer Tools

This one is all our engineers' favorite: developer tools on Chrome provide so many detailed tools, all in one place. Right click, "Inspect Element", and you've got access to HTML codes, design styles (font, sizes, dimensions, etc.), page sources, and more! If you're a coder, you've used this tool, and you probably love it. Thanks to developer tools you can easily find errors that occur on your page, and can select certain elements to discover just what went wrong. Chrome saves the day with this feature!

Google Chrome's Birthday Our Favorite Features - Chrome Logo   

Incognito Browsing

This one makes our list because of the anonymity it provides - because Incognito mode does not save your browsing history, cookies, passwords, etc., users have complete online anonymity. What does that mean? That means sites that pull information from your browsing history and/or cookies cannot access your information. Incognito mode gives you an escape from the internet following you - complete freedom, enjoy it!

Google Chrome's Birthday Our Favorite Features - Chrome Logo   

Memory Management

Do you always have a million tabs open in your browser? Have you ever found your browser slowing down, or even crashing with too many tabs opened? Chrome handles its memory in a way that allows for all of your tabs to be open, and browsing without lag or crashes. If this problem frequents your work day, try downloading Chrome, and see the difference!

Thanks so much, Google Chrome! Happy birthday; we love you!

If you haven't downloaded it yet, get it here, and take advantage of all the great features! If you already have Chrome, let us know below what your favorite features are!!

Post by Samantha Banks, a loyal Chrome user - I swear by it!