Friday Five: 5 of the Best Places to Celebrate New Years

Samantha Banks
Dec 26, 2014

Happy (almost) New Years! Today is the last Friday of 2014, making this our last Friday Five of the year. What better way to prepare for the New Year than by creating a list of the best places to ring it in? Check out our list of five cities around the world that really know how to party:

Bratislava, Slovakia

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Years - Bratislava

This European city is a great place to go for an all around fun time. With plenty of events, concerts, parties, and people, Bratislava is a New Years destination you won't forget. Its picturesque architecture and landscaping is surrounded by fireworks along the Danube River and over 10,000 people come to see the show. The celebration is separated into two different areas: concerts and parties - which makes the celebration even better as you can choose exactly which atmosphere you'd like.

Hong Kong

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Years - Hong Kong

For all the pyromaniacs: Hong Kong is your heaven for New Years! Hong Kong's fireworks show is one of the biggest in the world and a New York City ball drop imitation is even a part of the show! This big city is not short on parties either - Victoria Harbor is the perfect place to watch the show and celebrate at the same time. If you're a fan of water, take a boat out into the harbor and watch the buildings light up before the fireworks show, and enjoy a view unlike any other!

Reykjavik, Iceland

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Years - Reykjavik

This entire city comes together to party into the New Year and foreigners are happily welcomed! The city holds an outdoor party and at midnight fireworks go off all over the city, which means an entire sky full of beauty. This destination is a party lovers dream, as the city's nightlife is immense and non-stop once it gets going. There are giant bonfires that the city members light up to "burn away the last year's old," a tradition that dates back to middle ages. All around this city is a fun time this time of year.

Sydney, Australia

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Years - Sydney

Is Iceland too cold for you? Well you're in luck because Sydney, as well as the next city on our list, celebrates New Years during their summer! Sydney is host to one of the first major New Year's celebrations each year because of its proximity to the International Date Line. Every year more than 1 million people sit and enjoy a waterfront show (one at 9pm and one at midnight) and more than 1 billion people watch the televised show. Not to mention, Australians know how to party harder than you'd think - Sydney is one great place to party and see pretty things. Plus: kangaroos! Need I say more?

Valparaíso, Chile

5 Best Places to Celebrate New Years - Valparaiso

Even on any other day of the year, Valparaíso is where the party is at, so you can imagine that for el Año Nuevo the party is even better. Like Sydney, the summer weather keeps it nice and warm and the beach is more than inviting; add gorgeous fireworks and welcoming natives and you've got yourself one great New Years party! While you're there make sure you try a "terremoto," the classic Chilean wine-grenadine-ice cream drink.

Post by Samantha Banks, who will be spending New Years in New Orleans, Louisiana!