Friday Five: 5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers

Samantha Banks
Nov 14, 2014

Happy Friday! Are you planning on hitting the shops with everyone that one day after Thanksgiving this year? That means you're a Black Friday shopper, and these tips are meant for you! Black Friday has become a massive commercial jackpot, and is now the best day of the year to get all your gifts for this holiday season. However, the holiday isn't for the fragile, and strategy is key. Check out these helpful tips to make your Black Friday that much more successful!

1. Bring a backpack. A BIG One

5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers - Backpack
Photo by BeReil

Don't have a backpack? Make it the first item on your list! A big backpack brings multiple pros: 1) If your state charges for bags, you don't have to pay because you brought your own! 2) You don't have to juggle all the different bags in your hands while trying to shop. 3) You're saving your garbage can and the planet from all the bag waste. Trust me, you'll want a backpack, and you'll be so glad you brought one.

2. Bring water

5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers - Water

You're going to be moving a lot, which means you'll be thirsty. But what you won't want to do is wait in line (which will be a mile long) for water, right? Right. So bring a few bottles and stick them in that backpack of yours - you'll have refreshments on the go, and won't have to waste time getting what you need, you can skip to getting what you want!

3. Wear your comfiest shoes

5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers - Shoes
Photo by Porkopolis

Black Friday is not the day to break out the new pumps - wear your comfiest pair of shoes because you will be on your feet the entire time (probably) standing, walking, and maybe even running for that one thing you want so bad. Make sure you take care of your feet, and forget about the fashion for a day.

4. Team up

5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers - Team
Photo by CNN Tech

You're going to want to tag team Black Friday - one person waits in line while the other shops for a while, then switch! The more the merrier on this hectic day, but only if they, too are shopping! Try to pick your team members wisely and don't just bring people for the sake of doing so - they will get in the way, get left behind, or eat all your snacks. Nevertheless, don't go alone! Share the chaos with a friend and the day will be even better!

5. Carry cash

5 Tips for Black Friday Shoppers - Cash
Photo by Car-Memes

Last but not least, remember to bring some cash. Yes, most stores do now accept credit cards, but bring cash as a back up plan. You never know when something could go wrong - a stolen or forgotten card, a bank mishap, there are many things that could cause the card to be ousted as a payment method. With cash you'll have a 100% guarantee that they will accept your payment!

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Remember, be safe, don't trample anyone, and be kind to everyone else shopping! You don't like to be grumped at, so go by the golden rule and treat others as you'd want to be treated! Good luck, and may the (shopping) odds be ever in your favor!

Post by Samantha Banks