Throwback Thursday: Happy Birthday, iPod!

Samantha Banks
Oct 23, 2014

13 years ago today, Apple debuted its first ever iPod: the iPod Classic. This new invention promised 1,000 songs in your pocket, and look at that, we now have even more! Happy birthday to you, iPod! Celebrate with a throwback to this playlist, which was probably on your old iPod.

1. Hanging By a Moment, Lifehouse

This song took No. 1 on the 2001 hits list! Jam, jam, jam.

2. Independent Woman, Part I, Destiny's Child

That's right, Beyoncé was still a star 13 years ago.

3. I'm Like A Bird, Nelly Furtado

We've all wanted to fly like a bird after hearing this song, am I right?

4. Jaded, Aerosmith

Great band, great music video. A classic!

5. Hero, Enrique Iglesias

You can be my hero, Enrique!

Bonus: The spanish version, lisp and all!

6. Follow Me, Uncle Kracker

This jam was always followed by itself: REPLAY!

7. Only Time, Enya

Talk about a soul jam, this one brings out interpretive dance in us all!

8. Ms. Jackson, Outkast

Anything Outkast brings out the moves, thanks iPod, it's dance time!

9. Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me), Train

If only we could go on the same journey!

10. Fallin', Alicia Keys

Last but not least, we keep on fallin' in and out of love with iPod! (Mostly in, we love you, Apple!)

Post by Samantha Banks, who definitely jammed to these songs when she got her first iPod.