4 Useful .US Websites

Robyn Norgan
Sep 30, 2014

.US is the domain of the, well, the US! It's a great option for American businesses and individuals, especially if you're providing useful information that is for Americans or related specifically to the US. For example, the following websites are very helpful for people within the US as well as visitors! Check our our list of four useful .US websites and then register your own .US during our sale!

Wondering when the next election is? Not sure if you're eligible to vote? is the perfect website to find all the information you need, no matter what state you're residing in. Its homepage features a map of the US. To get started, simply click on your state. You'll be able to find out more info about upcoming primary and general elections, voter registration, and even polling locations. Depending on your state, you'll be able to fill out your voter registration form or even verify your voter registration status. Voting is an important part of being an American, so make sure you check out before the next election (which should be this November!).

If you're planning to visit the US, your visit won't be complete without seeing at least one of our awesome national parks. is the perfect resource for you! You can search by state, by activity, or simply get a list of our parks from A-Z. Everyone already knows about the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone, but those three are just a few of the many national parks around the US. Each of our 50 states feature at least one national park and here in California we have 24 - the most of any other state (because our state is awesome)! Once you pull up a list of parks you're interested in visiting, you'll be able to find more information about that park including its location (complete with a map), phone number, and website, which will have even more info, so you can plan your visit.

Yes, libraries still exist and they're awesome! features libraries from around the country, including public, state, academic, law, and even presidential libraries. Use the website to search by state or check out a list of presidential or national libraries. If you narrow your search by state, it gives you a city list in alphabetical order that you can further narrow by the letter of your city. Once you find the library you're looking for, you can click on it and be directed to its website.

Did you recently move to a new city? Are you looking for more information about the city you're about to visit? Look no further than! Simply visit the website, enter your zip code (or the zip code of the place you're visiting), and discover information about that area. pulls in detailed information about that zip code from wikipedia as well as area statistics, area officials, and area schools. You'll also get a map that includes lots of great deals with categories for restaurants, health and beauty, shopping, events and attractions, hotels, food and drugs, automotive, services, home and garden, and medical. Click on a category to narrow your search and save on a great deal!

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Post by Robyn Norgan