Friday Five: Top 5 Hottest New Donuts' TLDs in Honor of National Donut Day!

Justin Narayan
Jun 6, 2014

As you do or 'donut' know, today is National Donut Day! In honor of National Donut day, we wanted to show off the top 5 hottest new Donuts' TLDs. Donuts registry, along with other domain registries, has been releasing dozens of new TLDs this year. They have domains for just about every occasion and most likely have at least one that you’ll love. These new releases have made it a lot easier for individuals, businesses, and organizations to get their dream domain, which may be why the new TLDs have been increasing in popularity day by day. This new batch of TLDs is perfect for awesome domain hacks, which are fun to see and are a great way to set your website apart from others. Which new Donuts' TLD fits your taste? Below are the top 5 most popular new TLDs released from Donuts!

1) .GURU

Are you an expert in a certain field or topic? If so, share your knowledge, expertise, and guidance with .GURU! Help others with everything from beginner how-to guides to relationship advice. .GURU is the perfect domain to let others know you’re an expert in one or more topics or fields. Have a fun and memorable domain like, FixIt.GURU or Info.GURU, to set your website apart. Become a .GURU today and show off your expertise.


Is taking pictures your passion? Whether you’re a beginner who loves taking pictures or a seasoned photography enthusiast, .PHOTOGRAPHY is the domain made for you. .PHOTOGRAPHY is where all types of photographers go to share their favorite images, talk about photography projects, and get their photography work discovered! Showcase your awesome collection online with your very own .PHOTOGRAPHY.


.EMAIL is an excellent domain for email services or email marketing services. With a .EMAIL domain name, customers will know your specialty is email just by looking at your URL. You can even get creative and register a fun .EMAIL domain hack such as TipsAndTricks.EMAIL or HowTo.EMAIL to be remembered for your unique and awesome domain name. Get your website started with .EMAIL today and send your website out to the world!


Showcase the latest news, trends, and stories with .TODAY! .TODAY is great for daily bloggers who want to share current trends, events, news, pictures and much more! .TODAY allows you to create a fun and unique domain like, News.TODAY, Events.TODAY, and Fashion.TODAY. Get your .TODAY domain and get your website started, well, today!

5) .TIPS

Do you like to share your tips, tricks, and advice? .TIPS is the perfect domain to share your advice to help others. It can be anything from travel tips to cooking tricks. .TIPS easily tells people the purpose of your website the moment they see your domain name. Why bother withholding all the wonderful information you've acquired over your lifetime, when you could share your knowledge with the world on your very own .TIPS domain. Get creative with your .TIPS domain with names like Cooking.TIPS and Travel.TIPS. Share your .TIPS today!

Check out our full list of TLDs to see all the new (& old, but still awesome) TLDs we offer! Also, take a look at our new TLD launch date infographic to see what else is coming up! Do you like any of the TLDs that haven’t launched yet? There's no need to wait for them to be released, simply preorder today! Plus, take $1 off your first preorder with coupon PREORDER1! Coupon is limited to 1 per account and expires 6/30/14.

Which new Donuts' TLD fits your taste?

Post By: Justin Narayan