Happy Love Your Pet Day!

Feb 20, 2014

Do you love your pet? We sure do! Well, today is the day to show it because it's Love Your Pet Day! Here at Dynadot, our office is dog friendly and we often have at least one dog in the office. To us, our dogs are honorary employees (although they are also lazy employees often spending the day sleeping in the sun - so unfair!). Having them in the office adds to our fun work environment and they can even help with stress (check out more benefits of a dog friendly office in our past post on Take Your Dog to Work Day).

Tiger Dyna Dog - Love Your Pet Day  Gracie Dyna Dog - Love Your Pet Day  Leela Dyna Dog - Love Your Pet Day

As you can see by their adorable faces, it's pretty hard not to love these pups. Tiger, Gracie, and Leela each bring their own personality into our office. Tiger likes to goof off, Gracie likes to hang out at the beach with friends, and Leela loves cardboard boxes (is she part cat?)!

Tiger Dyna Dog Goofing Off on Love Your Pet Day  Gracie Dyna Dog at the Beach - Love Your Pet Day

Leela Dyna Dog Loves Cardboard Boxes - Love Your Pet Day

Although we're a dog friendly office, we also love our silly cats: Tuna, Rocket, and Brando! This is despite the fact that they give you weird looks, steal your cardboard boxes (it's Leela's cat twin - they're even both black and white!), and sleep all the time.

Tuna Dyna Cat - Love Your Pet Day  Rocket Dyna Cat - Love Your Pet Day

Brando Dyna Cat - Love Your Pet Day

If you are a fellow pet owner, don't forget to treat your pet(s) to a little something special today whether that's a treat, a longer walk, or just some together time. I'm sure they'll appreciate it. After all, they love you, so make sure you love them right back!

Want more pet pics? Check out our picture albums on Facebook and Google+ where we have lots of fun pics of all our furry friends!

Robyn Norgan & Rocket Cat - Love Your Pet Day
This post was written by Robyn Norgan, who loves taking selfies with her cats, even if Rocket doesn't really get it.