The Perfect Holiday Gift Combination: .TV & GoPro

Justin Narayan
Dec 18, 2013

Still looking for that unique gift to give someone for the holidays? A GoPro camera with a .TV domain is about as good and unique as it can get. A GoPro is an awesome gift for anyone. It is small, lightweight, comes with a waterproof case, and films in High Definition to provide impressive video and picture quality. Gizmodo describes the GoPro as "the world's best sports camera ever". It is no longer just a sports camera, it is one of the best all-a-round action cameras on the market.

The GoPro can provide cool first-person angles for sports or action videos. Check out the video below as an example. The GoPro can easily be mounted to just about anything, such as a hat, bike, car, or anywhere to get amazing viewing angles. You can take pictures and videos to capture those amazing moments in life and easily share them with anyone. GoPro is a great camera to get amazing quality footage of a hike or a baby's first steps.

If you're buying someone a GoPro this holiday season, don't forget about the accessories, especially the most important one: a place to show off their videos! A .TV domain is the perfect place to create a website of memories by posting videos of amazing moments and have their friends and family join in on their adventure. A .TV website lets others know that the website is exciting and has video content right in the URL. With a .TV domain, there is a huge inventory of domain names still available. .TV is a fun domain that is memorable, cool, and will make a video website stand out.

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Image features the GoPro Hero 3+ and is courtesy of GoPro.

Post By: Justin Narayan